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Episode Pages#2 

Individual, shareable pages for each episode of my podcast

Nathan Gathright
6 months ago

Yeah I also believe this is super important, I’d love to help with the development of this.

I’m young but I’m interested in podcasting as an industry for the rest of my software engineering career. If you go to my website you can find out more about me, https: // and you can also find my email there in my bio.

4 months ago

Personal hope was that you’d be for podcasts.

25 days ago

@Cruelfate That’s the original inspiration, but this is a one-person side project that’s been around less than a year 😅

Nathan Gathright
24 days ago

@Nathan Gathright Impressive start, especially as a side-project!
I dunno how I can help, but I’m rooting for you.

23 days ago